Monday, 30 November 2015

Totally not holiday homework

OK guyz, this might be a little late but remember to do your holiday homework and stuff. I forgot about the class blog for about 1 month.oops. ya in case you dunno where to find the link,here it is.
and for those who have not started, its time to start.chop chop people!!!

 -No sign off

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Reminders for 2015 S1 EOY Exams: Sciences (ALL 3)


Here are some reminders for the Science Paper on Monday, 5 October 2015,

1) The paper starts at 0920hrs
You may choose to come later. However, please arrive at least 10-20 minutes before the paper starts. 10 minutes for the giving out/checking of papers and 10 minutes for you to go toilet, grab your stationery and prepare yourself mentally. The school will be open as per normal at about 6 am.

2) Calculators are allowed for ALL Papers
Please bring along your calculators for ALL Papers. Calculators should have the SST Examination Approved Usage stickers on it. When instructed by the invigilator, place your cover on the floor and flip the calculator over so they can inspect that the calculator is approved. If you don't have a calculator, buy one as none would be provided. Unless you have changed a calculator since you started using it in P5, you MIGHT want to change the battery. Multiple approved calculators are allowed.

3) Geometrical Sets are allowed for ALL Papers
Please bring along your geometrical sets for ALL Papers. Geometrical Sets consist of Set Squares, Protractors, Rulers, Compass. Please be reminded to remove all Mathematical Formulae Instruction Sheets/Pieces of Paper/Any other unauthorised materials. You may want to put them into a Ziplock/Clear Transparent Bag to facilitate checks by invigilators. If you don't have any, please purchase one.

4) Bring a Mechanical Pencil

For Biological Diagrams (Health Science),
draw with a mechanical (sharp pencil) and a ruler if labelling is required. Mechanical Pencils are more accurate than Normal Pencils as they don't need sharpening and won't get blunt. Please also label the diagrams with an underlined title.

For drawings of Ions/Isotopes/Line Graphs/Molecules (Material Science),
use a sharp pencil (sharp pencil). You may also want to use a compass/5-10 cent coin to draw the circles; however, marks will not be deducted for not using an instrument to help you draw but the circle drawn must be enclosed. Please label your graph/diagram with an underlined title.

For drawing of Plane[Moment]/Line Graphs,
use a sharp pencil (sharp pencil) and a ruler if appropriate to draw the diagrams. Please label your diagrams with an underlined title.

Thank You,
Ng Wen Bin, Justin

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Chinese EOY Exam Reminders

Hello Chinese Students

Remember to bring your e-dictionary for tomorrow's exam.
Check if it is working
*E-dictionaries will not be provided if you did not bring. Also no borrowing

And in case you forgot the schedule:
Paper 1 - 作文 和 实用文 compo and email writing
Paper 2 - 综合填空 和 阅读理解 compre and phrases
Paper 3 - Listening Compre

Paper 1 - 0750 to 0950
Paper 2 - 1050 to 1220
Paper 3 - 1430 to 1500

Breaks in-between papers
Report 10 mins before each paper

Good luck, and have a nice rest

- Chinese Rep

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Homework for 30 Sept

Yo guyz,sorry for the late post

-geo lesson package 4 do until page 5
-celebrate the end of the month
-chinese is coming
-i dunno what to say liao
-thats it

take care and revise for exam.jia you.yay.whatever

-Zinedict the one who..............

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Homework 29 September

Yo m8s so here is the top kek homework and stuff. Sorry late post.

-That math MGS worksheet.
-Revise I guess lol.

Get urselfs ready for the ultim8 homework DLC thing!!111!1!11 (after exams)


Thursday, 24 September 2015


Dear S1-01,


Due to the HIGH 24 hrs PSI Readings, there would be NO SCHOOL on Friday, 25 September 2015. Please don't come to school. EOY Exams will be postponed until further notice. 

This has been confirmed by Local Media Releases, MOE, SST Teachers.

Please keep yourselves well hydrated and please wear an N95 Mask (at least a surgical one) when you really need to hit the streets.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Homework just kidding

Hi guyz,encouragement thing.

-lepak 1 min
-work hard
-study hard
-take care of health cuz of haze and stuff
-i dunno
-stop picking on Kevin
-read the post

yo thanks.thats all.


-Zinedict(like both of us)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Homework 22 Sept

Hi guyz,sorry for the late post*GLARES at Benedict*

-whatever you have not done


-Zinedict the one who wishes good luck

Monday, 21 September 2015

Homework for Monday 21 Sept

Hi guyz,here is the homework for the remaining day

-maths algebra revision worksheet
-science if you have not done so
-chinese if you failed to finish

thats all.anymore post in the comments below.BENEDICT WHY YOU NEVER POST HOMEWORK.

-Zinedict the one who sucks at GEOGRAPHY AUGHHHH

Friday, 18 September 2015

Homework for 18 September

Hi guyz,here is the homework for the day.No late post.HAHA dun be disappointed

-holiday homework if you have not done so
-maths geometrical construction piece of paper
-maths 2014 paper 1 and 2(dun know if have to do,just do for revision)
-work that you owe Miss Loh
-holy innocents paper 2
-health science paper thing
-IRS if you have not done so
-CPS report if you have not done so(i know that it is already over due,but i just wanna make my post long heheh)
-eat potato
-eat potato
-eat potato


-Zinedict the one that wears a jacket over the head

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Homework for 17 Sept

Hi guyz,sorry for the late post.I got tricked by Ming En and co to go for the relax thing.Then i tricked Benedict with good intentions to come.after the relax,we lepak at the library.(SUMMARY)hhahaha

-maths 2014 paper 2 question 10
-maths linear graphs
-english editing
-the following is due next monday
-maths 2014 paper(full)
-holy innocents high school paper full
-ACS paper if you have not done so(I CANT FIND MY ANSWERS)

thats all
Zinedict Detective Inspector Me version.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Homework 16 September

Hey here's the homework.

-English Komodo Dragon summary.
-Any other work not completed.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Homework for 15 September

Hi guyz,sorry for the late is the homework for the day

-whatever you have not done in the Sept holi homework
-science file

thats all.gotta work fast.sorry for the caps things.

-Zinedict ay ay and yo

Things to Bring (Chinese Students)

Thursday - 作文 5 WS
Next Monday - 作文 5 WS,  稿纸,  字典

Must Bring!

-Chinese Rep

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Homework for the holidays people

Here is the homework for the holidays people!kinda excited for the class party tomorrow

-Maths dun dun dunearn paper
-maths ACS paper
-science energy and work revision worksheet
-science moments revision
-science forces revision worksheet
-science kinematics revision worksheet
-science measurements revision worksheet
-science acids and bases revision worksheet
-science kinetic particle theory revision worksheet
-science elements,compounds and mixtures,atomic structure and the periodic table revision worksheet
-chinese comprehension(MCQ) revision worksheet
-chinese comprehension(the puffer fish one) revision worksheet
-geo do revision for the lesson package
-geo trpical rainforest revision worksheet
-geo lesson package 4 do page 6
-english summary worksheet complete everything
-chinese email writing
-english komodo dragon comprehension
-maths number patterns piece of paper(do on fullscap paper)
-english essay(the one you planned on a piece of paper)
-file english file
-file geo file
-file maths file just in case
-file chinese file
-file science file and do the folded pages thing

yo.guyz,i know that there is a lot of homework,but we got 1 week ++ to do it.
refer to Shao Cong's post for more chinese stuff
just posting homework cuz there people are pestering me.
happy teacher's day in advance!
turns out that there is no more work given today
remember that there is the I&E camp on 9 and 10 September,so finish your homework before 9 Sept
homework a bit only ah.a bit only ah.JUST DO IT(totally did not copy from Nike)

-Zinedict the one who post long homework posts

EL Reflection journal

Hi everyone, I am NOT taking over Grace's job as EL rep but Ms Tay wants us all to bring our EL Reflection Journals tomorrow! You dun bring, something will happen...

Ps: Please pass the reflection journal to GRACE tomorrow!

Chinese Holiday Homework

Please refer to this blog post.

- Chinese Rep

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Homework for 1 Sept

yo.late post again.totally meant to do that.I though Benedict posted

-english the task 2 and 3 thing
-science finish up whatever you have not done
-chinese whatever you owe teacher
-geo the revision papers
-try to get started on your holiday homework if possible
-practice for the I&E presentation
-improve attitude during chinese lesson(applies to me)
-break a pencil
-revise for chinese

thats it

-Zinedict the one that post homework late and whatever whatnot

some help for chinese

Monday, 31 August 2015

Homework 31st August

Here is the work.

-All the work from over the weekend.
-Chinese slides worksheet.
-Two math papers (one optional) as holiday work.
-All the science holiday work.

That's about it.


Friday, 28 August 2015

Homework for 28 August's life is the homework for the day.Not a late post unlike yesterday.
*glare at benedict*

-English Situational Writing thing.Due Tuesday
-English worksheet Task 2 and 3 and stuff
-Science worksheet 1 and 2 and activity sheet if you have not done so
-maths ace learning thing.check your email
-check students blog for new stuff
-maths fairfield paper
-geography revision thing
-direct proportion homework
-chinese 七月的东西
-whatever you owe teacher

Kun Hou,your stuff is under the table.Remember to complete the english stuff by MONDAY*MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*

-Zinedict the one who laughs at friends who have to chiong homework

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Homework for 27 August

Hi guyz,here is the homework for the day.

-english compre(u know what to do)
-english compo planning
-english page 7 and 8 stuff
-math fairfield paper
-other maths stuff?
 -science if you have not done so
-chinese the one that yang lao shi came in at dismissal to give
-whatever you owe teacher

kevin,dun say me and Min Shen never share the slides with you when YOU were the one who did not do anything and started COPYING from me and Min Shen AT THE LAST MINUTE.(i know this is personal,but i really just want to say this to clear the accusation he made during I&E.You can just ignore this)

Benedict why you never post homework!I got badminton today.

-Zinedict the one who breaks flexible pencils

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Homework for 26 Aug

Yo.Here is the homework.Not late post

-maths AA reflections
-english composition planning
-english comprehension(summary of each paragraph and highlight important words or phrases that help the difficult words or phrases and find out their meaning)
-math Fairfield paper
-whatever you owe teacher


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Homework for 25 August

hi guyz,posting homework here.Not so late post(finally)heehhhhhheheheheh

-finish science activity sheet
-science worksheet 1 and 2
-english exercises(circle difficult words and phrases and write down the meaning,highlight words or phrases that will support the summary,write the summary of each paragraph)
-english do the compo planning
-math fairfield paper
-geo if you have not done so
-admt ibook cover

anymore homework post in comments as usual
thanks Shao Cong for the wifi

-Zineidct the one who post homework at MRT station

Monday, 24 August 2015

Homework 24 August

There's actually no work that's why I never post. If you really want to see homework or something refer to the previous days posts.


Reminder for Chinese Class Students

Please bring the book given out during Chinese Class tomorrow.
-Chinese Rep (shortest post ever)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Call for Ideas for Class Party

Hai guys

As you know I love posting random reminders on the Class Blog and stealing secretaries' jobs, but I'm posting this to call for ideas for our Class Party :D

Currently, some of you have already suggested some ideas, such as games like Magic the Gathering and Twister. I think we're good on games, but perhaps you guys could start planning like, what food and drinks to bring, and yeah.

Reminder: The Class Party is only 1 hour long.

Unfortunately, I'm not too sure when is the actual day, so if any of you know please leave it down in the comments :P


(On behalf of the other SWCs)

((It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.))

Friday, 21 August 2015

Homework for the day of the science file(i made that up)

Hi guyz,i purposely(totally) waited until sooooo late then post homework.LATE POST HEHEHEH

-geo file
-geo lesson package?
-geo revision tropical rainforest
-geo revision map reading
-science energy and work activity
-science energy and work worksheet
-math AA2
-english comprehension
-math assignment 12.1 for those who have not done so and 12.2
-I&E notification for those who have not handed up
-math linear inequalities worksheet 1 and 2
-chinese piece of paper that has the meanings behind

anymore homework post in the comments below

its gonna be a busy weekend.Kun Hou,your stuff is under your table........

-Zinedict the one that chiiong science


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Homework 20 August

Yo so here's the work for today.

-Math 12.1 due Friday do on fulscap.
-Math 12.2 due next Monday.
-Geography slides presentation tomorrow.
-English do till question 9 (ii).
-Ms Loh doing check on our Math AA2 tonight and giving feedback tomorrow so be prepared (read that in the voice of Scar from The Lion King).

Get good and do some sniping.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Homework for the day


-maths paper due on monday
-IH file due next week
-textbook read pages 97-106
-file chinese stuff
-IH lesson package
-english for those who have not done so

Sorry Alex for trickshotting your eye.

-Zinedict the one who listen to Min Shen

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Homework for the depressing day

Hey guyz,no mood for jokes.

-english question 4 and 5
-science moments worksheet for those who have not done so
-science file for those who have not given
-maths construction thingamagic
-ADMT whatever you owe cher

I am screwed for my oral

-Zinedict the one who eats dust

Monday, 17 August 2015

Homework 17 August

Here's the homework and stuff.

-Math construction due Wednesday.

That's all.


Friday, 14 August 2015

Homework 14 August

Hey guys this is the homework for the weekends.

-Math construction worksheet.
-Science worksheet.

Basically it.


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Homework for the day

Hey guyz,late post again.So sorry,but you have to blame Zi Bo.

-english for those who have not done so
-chinese anything that owes cher even though tmr no chinese
-geography corrections?
-projects!!!!!DUN DUN DUN

-Zinedict,the one that chiong homework

ADMT Reminder( In case you are confused like me)

Guys you might have read in Justin's previous post that you have to print the Design Journal in full colour and submit it to Mrs Ong. That is a mistake. Please do NOT print your Design Journal. There is NO need to submit a hardcopy to Mrs Ong. Instead, please save Infographic Design Journal as PDF and submit in Edmodo.  (Edit: Justin just told me that Design Journal refers to Trexi journal with the Trexi sketches.)

-Grace :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Homework 12 August

Here's the homework everyone.

-The english comprehension find words that you do not understand or something for all group members except predictor.
-Science file if you didn't do it yet.
-Chinese work since today had no chinese in case you didn't do.

Anymore work please post it in the comments.

-Zinedict or Zi Bo

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Performance Tasks Datelines: Reminders

Hai guys,

Third post today YAY!

Reminders for this week.

Thursday (2359):

Finalised Preface for IDPT to be completed and sent to Ms Debbie Tay
Remarks: Please email her and tell her your group has completed.

Friday (1400):

ADMT Trexi Individual Task

  1. Trexi Toy (Completed)
  2. Trexi Poster
  3. Design Journal
Trexi Poster: To be uploaded to Edmodo for the entire class to see. (2015 S1-01 ADMT)
Design Journal:  COMPLETED with explanations and in FULL COLOUR. Hand in to Mrs Pennie Ong in hardcopy.

Friday (2359):

ADMT Infographics Poster
  1. Soft Copy of Poster
Upload to Edmodo inside the Submission Folder. (2015 S1-01 ADMT)

Thanks Guys
YAY 3 Posts in one day

Reminders on things to submit

Hai guys

I like butting in on the secretaries' work, so here's a list of IMPORTANT things to submit by THIS WEEK.

Thursday, 13 August 2015, 2359 :

-IRS Final Group Preface

Friday, 15 August 2015 :

-Geography PT Video on your Treasure Hunt
-ADMT Infographic Design Journal(put in submission folder on Edmodo) and Infographic Poster(post it on the ADMT Edmodo site)
-Trexi Poster(come on guys this one was a long time ago)

Bawb signing out, good luck finishing all this stuff and homework :D

Homework 11 August

Hey guys this is the homework for today.

-Chinese worksheet went through in class.
-Creative writing for those who didn't do write on paper.
-Science worksheet did in class.
-Chinese article if you didn't do.

Anymore work comment below please. Thanks.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Homework for long weekends

Sorry guyz for late post again.dun blame me.Blame Zi Bo

-chinese due tomorrow
-english rewrite creative writing task
-ADMT "I" thinge
-Science forces worksheet 1
-science notes question 6 and 7
-chinese compre
-chinese articles
-geo articles
-geo lesson package that you pack home to do
-chinese passage copy if you need to

have fun tomorrow.enjoy your holidays,but i do not think you will with the amount of homework

-Zinedict the Great homework poster

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Homework late post heh



-more stuff

anymore post in comments


Reminder for Chinese Class Students

Please bring your 1B Textbook (课本) and 1B Workbook (作业本) for future Chinese lessons.

If you forget to do so, you must 抄课文!  DUN DUN DUN

-Chinese Rep

Kevin u dont take over my job
(jkjk only)

Monday, 3 August 2015

SG 50 Wish-Hsien Kit

Homework 3 August

Hey everyone here is the homework for today.

-Chinese compo about parent and child quarreling due by end of this week.

That's pretty much it.


Benedict and Jerremy video

Happy Birthday Singapore!

This is my video for Singapore's 50th birthday.

SG 50 Happy Birthday video

Video by: Amanda, Liya, Rishita and Celine

SG50 Wishes

From Kevin and Shao Cong

SG 50 Lego Set Video

Video by:
Vikhe Aryan Pramod
Yeo Ming En
Ng Wen Bin, Justin

Happy Birthday SG50 - Alex and Marcus

SG 50 Video for lego thingy (Karkit,Dylan,Min Shen,Malcolm)


Birthday Wishes for SG50

Dylan, Choon Wee and Tjin Yao

Hai guys
Here's our awesome SG50 Birthday Wishes video!


Happy Birthday SG 50 Tan Zi Bo

SG 50 Lego Set - Birthday Wishes

From Grace and Amadea

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Test Reminders??

Hai guys

So I'm not sure if this is a necessary reminder, but, anyways, for

Geography Paper (Monday, 3 August 2015)


Mathematics Paper (Wednesday, 5 August 2015)

-Bring your Construction Set
-Bring a CALCULATOR(and pray it doesn't run out of battery on Wednesday)

Science Paper is on Tuesday, 4 August 2015

  Well I mainly made this post to wish you guys all the best for the Level Tests
Physics and Geography may be pretty hard(at least it is for me :/) but still do your best :D


Friday, 31 July 2015

Homework 31st July

Yey weekend. Well here is the work for the weekend.

-All those science practices not sure if compulsory.
-Stay back for science next week Monday or Tuesday to revise.
-Geography practice assessment answers on googlesites.

There's more practice work you can check previous posts to find out which ones they are.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Homework 30th July

Hey everyone here is the homework.

-The geography worksheet that was gone through in class.
-Math work?

Basically it. Confirm any of the work or say new ones in the comments below. Thanks.


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Homework 29th July

This is the homework.

-Trexi poster.
-Geography PT.
-Math worksheet if you did not do yet.
-Refer to Kevin's post.

Anymore work just put it in the comments or something.

-Zinedict or something

Chinese (I am NOT taking over Shao Cong)

Hello everyone, the hacker is back!

PLEASE bring the e-dictionary for CHINESE class tomorrow.

*Yang lao shi told me to tell you guys.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Homework 28th July

Ayy late post, very late, much wow, such surprise.

-English level test,
Date:Thursday 30th July
Time:1 hour
Tested on: Expository comprehension >Visual test-[5]  >Written Text-[20]
-ADMT Trexi poster.


-Zinedict xd xd xd xd xd xd disney xd xd

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Level Test waaaaaa

hey guyz,i forgot something important.Do study for level test guyz.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Reminders for Mathematics: 28 July 2015


Ms Loh reminded me to inform you guys of several key things to take note of.

  1. PLEASE bring along your Geometrical Construction worksheets and your mathematical instruments.

Justin Ng

Friday, 24 July 2015

Homework for Friday 24 July

Sorry for late post.

-english marking
-chinese piece of paper
-science worksheet 3
-Geography if have not finish
-Geography PT
-Maths geomatrical construction if you have not done so
-maths 2013 level test 2
-ADMT slides
-science AA

anymore homework post in comments

-Zinedict the great and punnyful

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Homework 23 July

Here is the homework.

-Finish up ADMT slides if you haven't (thanks Min Shen).
-Do the math level test revision paper due next week.
-Science worksheet I&E work.
-Do geography tropical rainforests activity 1 and read the textbook page 72-79.
-English comprehension googlesite mark answers for the June holidays work by tomorrow 2359.
-Bring compass, protractor ect. for math tomorrow.
-The chinese worksheet thing (due when?).
-Math googlesite geometry work do on geometrical constructions worksheet. Not sure which pages though.

Long post.

-Zinedict of the posting commitee

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Homework 22 July

Ayy late post I know.

-Math assignment 10.5.
-The math level test practice not sure whether to do it or not.
-The science worksheet 2.

Fresh memes.

-Zinedict of 101 thing posting something

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Homework 21 July

Here is the homework.

-The science worksheet given out during class.
-The science worksheet given out last week complete by tomorrow.
-Get ready your slides for the english comprehension presentation.

That's all the work. If there is any other work, please put it in the comments below. Thanks.

-Zinedict of the class homework posting section.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Homework 20 July

Hey guys this is the work for today.

-Submit IRS preface TODAY 2359.
-Submit I&E Challenge and Problem statements TODAY 2359.
-Finish reading math handout (do we need to attempt questions?) and it will be gone through the next lesson.


-Bozidict of the class homework posting section

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Homework for 16 July

Ayyyyeeeee m80s.Here teh homework.

-Math 10.4?
-Math 10.3
-Maths Data handling notes page 16-19
-Science Speed worksheet
-Language Arts preface thinge.
-I&E Stuff(1 challenge and 5 problem statements)
-chinese workbook page 45-46 and 51-52
Geography stuff that i missed when i was not there

Anymore post in the comments below.Not trying to beat Justin's post cuz i already have.

-BoZinedict stuff stuff.

Homework 16 July

Here is the work for this weekend.

-Math assignment 10.3.
-Math assignment 10.4 (study notes page 21-22).
-Math classwork 1? Not sure how many classwork to do.
-Geography chapter 1 corrections. Except Choon Wee.
-Chinese comprehension huo dong ben.
-IRS preface.
-Map practice 2-4.


-Zinedict or something

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sports Week

On behalf of S1-01 S&W Reps:
Please sign up for Sports Week (28th to 31st July) activities in the Students Blog.
Sign-ups are on a first come first serve basis and close when quota is reached.
These are the activities:

1) Zumba
2) Kickboxing
3) Water Soccer
4) Kin-Ball

~ Celine

Homework 15 July

Here is the homework guys. Sorry for late post.

-Geography exercise 4B.
-Geography map practice 1.
-Math pop quiz thing.
-English slides for the comprehension.
-Math knock knock worksheet.
-Science worksheet.
-Celine asked me to put this here. look at it or something.


-Bodict or something

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Homework for 14 July

Hey m80s,here teh homwork.

-Science worksheet
-chineres 10 quation
-engarish spreadsheet marking

happy engarish so powderful
-Zeridect of teh homwok crw

Monday, 13 July 2015

Homework 13 July

Here's the homework. Yay I guess.

-Math finish the data handling worksheet (data for the questions are what we did in class, first page), hand up on Thursday.

That's all m8s. M9s. Whatever.

-Zinedict of the moving pictures board of bad puns

Friday, 10 July 2015

Homework for 10 July based on Bawb's request

Ok guyz,here is the homework for the day.It is still 10 July even though it is very late,and it is a FRIDAY(YAYYYYY) so you can't blame me.(ain't nobody got time for that)

-Geography page 11 bearings ONLY(more like ball bearings hue) if you did not do it yesterday.
-Maths 9.7, Q2, Q4, 9.8, classwork 2,classwork 3 thingamagic stuff
-ADMT worksheet on Principles of Design(timetable changed,there is ADMT on Monday)
-IRS post 2 things....(forgotten)(timetable changed,there is IRS on Monday)
-Chinese 实用文
-English quiz 7 thing that cher went through and comes with hep(fresh from oven)
-random moving pics(based on Kevin.My puns are so red!)

Benedict,Kevin and Min Shen,stop with the lame puns.They are getting annoying.

Bawb,i took your paper.(hue hue hue?)

Trying to be longer than Justin's post.Stuff you guyz wanna say post in comments.Check the students blog for new timetable.Dun forget.MOST SPONTANEOUS AND LONG HOMEWORK POST EVER!

-Zinedict of teh homework crew.Hopes Miss Tay does not see this.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Attire for 10 July 2015: Note from Ms Tay

Dear All,

Please be reminded that you should be in either one of the following attires:


  1. S&W Attire
  4. **S&W Attire**

Some of you may have heard Miss Adele Lim telling you that it is alright to wear S&W AFTER RECESS. However, Ms Tay has no heard of such rule or some exception. As such, she advises that you visit the SST Student Blog to clarify anything or to email the teachers BELOW.

^On a personal note: If you are unsure, just change into FULL SST SCHOOL UNIFORM AFTER RECESS.^

#Term 3 LiTs, you are to report in FULL SST SCHOOL UNIFORM by 0730 with a BOOK at the side of the hall as you will be receiving your badges. You are to change into S&W after the ceremony.#

For further enquiries,

Ms Debbie Tay (Form Teacher)

Mr Teng Juin Yan (Co-Form Teacher)

Ms Adele Lim (S&W Teacher)

Mr Ng Guohui (Discipline Master/ IC of Discipline Committee)

*simply the first name followed by underscore and then the next part of the name*

Thank You
Justin Ng

Homework 9 July

Lamo dank meme.

-Geography learning package 4B, bearings only.
-Sorry guys I forgot the math work someone please put it below.
-ADMT worksheet.
-IRS:Post 2 news articles/weblink related to your chosen topic by next lesson. Be specific in essential questins.

Freshest dankest meme.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Homework 8 July

Sorry late post xd.

-Work you have not completed(check previous days I guess).
-Geography worksheet exercise 2 page 5-6.
-Math that large piece of paper thing.
-Chinese AA2 due this Friday.


-Benebo or Zinedict or Zibodict or whatever

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Homework 7 July

Hello this is the homework xd.

-Math assingment 9.4.
-Geog learning package page 3-4 exercise 1.
-Sign the I&E learning journey form if you have not done so.
-Chinese huo dong ben pg 43-44.
-Chinese worksheet.

Ayy lmao.

-Zinedict of the blogger posterino thing

Monday, 6 July 2015

Homework 6 July


-Math class work finish up.
-Bring the geography stuff tomorrow (check previous posts for what to bring).
-Get started on science model.

That's all. If there is anything else just add it in the comments.

-Zinedict of the whatist something

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Homework for yesterday,3 July

Ayyyyyyyyyyy m80s,sooo sorry never post homework yesterday.

-Science Physical Quantities and Units(KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!)
-Reading Programme
-Chinese AA2
-Maths worksheet *ahem* you know.(KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Get ready the english presentation for those who have not done so.
-Do the English journal work in case you haven't.
-IRS project you can get started on.
-Next week bring protractor, long ruler, 30cm white sewing thread(non-elastic), soft eraser, 2B pencil for geog.
-Read geog textbook pages 44-54 for those who have not done so.
-English blendspace 5,9 and 11 thinge

Anymore homework post in comments.very sorry,once again.


_Zinedict of teh r3kt crew

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Homework 2nd July

Ayy m8s here is the work. Also yey 142 posts. But this one makes it 143... ye.

-Math linear and functions worksheet due next week.
-Get ready for English presentation tomorrow and for groups who have already done and got feedback please add in the feedback and improve your presentation make sure the feedback is in purple.
-Do the English journal work in case you haven't.
-Kahoot tomorrow.
-IRS project you can get started on.
-Next week bring protractor, long ruler, 30cm white sewing thread(non-elastic), soft eraser, 2B pencil for geog.
-Read geog textbook pages 44-54.

Winter is definitely not coming.

-Ash Ketchum, Spartan 117

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Homework for Today,1 July

Here is the hoemwork for the day.I am totally not rushing for time right now so here is the homework.

-Maths 9.2 part 2(question 3 and 4)
-read the Geography book chapter 1
-Read Geography article(Ask 1 question and 1 idea that impress you)
-Complete Geography Lesson Package page 11-13
-English Homework Questions 1)What makes an analysis meaningful
2)Why is it important to analysis expositions
-Chinese AA2 Change the stuff

Finish teh homework you get r3kt blasted in the face by a basooka.I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad for Aryan.

-Zinedict of the Homework Crew

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

ADMT stuff

Here are the ADMT pens you can get. Also the homework is here.

Homework 30 June

Here is the homework. Might update later.

-Chinese compre if it is not done.
-Read Geog Chapter 1.
-Learning Package pg 8-10.
-Math assignment 9.2

Here's some random stuff you won't care about

-Open Stattrak Dragon Lore from Falchion Case 2.
-Build a PC out of a broken Wii.
-Try to finish the original Tomb Raider without cheats.

-Zinedict of the House of Bo, second heir of the throne of wood

Homework for 30 June

I dun have much time as per normal so here is a fast brief.

-Read Chapter 1 of the geography book
-Do the Geography worksheet page 8-10
-maths graph homework


Monday, 29 June 2015

Homework for 29 June

Hi,i am rushing for time now so i am gonna make this short.

-Maths graph homework
-letters that needed to be signed
-report book


Saturday, 13 June 2015

June Holidays Homework and Reminders


Following many questions on whatsapp on homework for the June Holidays, I would like to re-organise the homework as well as to put up some reminders for the class. I am not trying to take over Benedict's or Zi Bo's Job; Just clearing up matters.


  1. Animal Farm Chapter Review (the booklet)
  2. Animal Farm Creative Writing Task (Submit to Edmodo)
  3. Comprehension on Digital Technology*
*IMPORTANT* Visit Edmodo for FULL PASSAGE. Download the PDF File


  1. Chinese 十月 Holiday Funpack
  2. Chinese Alternative Assessment 2 (Individual) *Refer to handout for infomation*
Science: Biology
  1. Sexual Reproduction in Humans Homework Worksheet
Science: Physics
  1. Physics Performance Task
    • Form your groups
    • Complete the work assigned by Mr Teng (refer to Mr Teng or other S1 Science Teachers Email/s)
  1. Mathematics Alternative Assessment 2 (Group Work)
  2. Mission Possible (CLICK HERE)
  3. SDL For Basic Geometry II (CLICK HERE)
Innnovation and Entreprenuership (I&E)
  1. Discuss with your groupmates on the marbles thingy (yes, yes, yes, the one that i rekt)
  2. Bring your materials on the next I&E lesson
Adminsitrative Matters
  1. Class Movie@JCube
    • Refer to your email for details
    • Please respond to the Google Calender Invite [Ask for permission]
    • (YES, NO, MAYBE) [Try not to indicate MAYBE]
    • Please report on time
    • Bring SUFFICIENT cash (EST:$20-25)
    • For queries on class outing or other matters, email me or other Class EXCO Members (see below)

Let me know in the comments below or via email if i missed anything out.

  1. Term 3 S&W lessons would be Netball (I think?)
  2. Bring I&E materials (refer above)
  3. *TBC* Probably change in Timetable for Term 3 (Check SST Student Blog)
  4. Allocate your time wisely for homework and play
  5. Revise hard
  6. Check your emails periodically for updates and surveys by teachers.

Let me know in the comments below or via email if i missed anything out.



Google Drive: CLICK HERE

Google Calender: CLICK HERE

SST Official Website: CLICK HERE

SST Student Blog: CLICK HERE

S1 Google Site: CLICK HERE

S1-01 Chinese Blog: CLICK HERE

S1-01 Mathematics Blog: CLICK HERE


Ace-Learning Portal: CLICK HERE



Ms Debbie Tay, Form Teacher & LangLit :

Mr Teng Juin Yan, Co-Form Teacher & Science: Physics :

Mr Ng Guohui, Science: Chemistry/ Biology :

Mdm Yeo Sok Hui, Chinese :

Ms Loh Kwai Yin, Mathematics :

Ms Adele Low-Lim, S&W, I&E :


For queries on class outing or other matters, email me or other Class EXCO Members:

Ng Wen Bin, Justin
Class Chairperson

Amadea Aubrey Supriyadi
Class Vice-Chairperson

Benedict Nai Rong Hui
Class Secretary

Yun Kar Kit
Class Treasurer

Thats about it

Thank You (for scrolling through),

Ng Wen Bin, Justin

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

here is the homework for the June hoildays

HEY THERE KIDZ!ITS BARNEY!..........Phew.I got back control of my is the homework for the June Holidays that you all must complete.

-Animal Farm Chapter Review(solo work)
-English creative writing task(animal farm thinge)(solo work)
-Science performance task(group work)
-English comprehension(Have a section C at the top)(solo lah,abuden)
-Chinese 十月(诗乐,but those who read will know his real name)"fun" pack(solo work,你没有听课?)
-Chinese alternative assessment 2(Solo work)
-maths mission impossible(solo work)
-science sexual reproduction in humans(you know what work)
-maths alternative assessment 2(group work)
the I&E thing to get(not r3k7) and then eat marbles from the cardboard boxes thinge.(KEEP THEM AWAY FROM JUSTIN!!!!!!!)(use spy plane guyz.It always works!)(Group work)
-if there is anymore homework,please post it in the comments below

Bye guyz,i gotta go fast before barney takes over my mac.HE IS COMING!!!!!SAVE ME!!!!

really gotta go fast.I gained back control of my mac,but barney is gonna come back.RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!BARNEY IS HERE!!!!!!!!ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

-Zi Bo or choose.(actually i am Zinedict)

Its 1 June!Aryan birthday.Lets all wish him a happy birthday.Imma let Barney take over for now.HEY THERE ARYAN,ITS BARNEY!!!!IMMA WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Homework 19 May

Hello guys here is homework I guess.

-Draw your own picture thing for class decoration.
-Congress tomorrow.
-The ton of math worksheets and work we have to do during the holidays(too numerous to count).
-The chinese "fun pack" to do during holidays.
-The animal farm worksheet we have like 1 month to do.

That's all.

-Zi Bo maybe

Monday, 18 May 2015

Homework 18 May

Hello. There is basically no work today due this week. Just tell me if there is any.

-Zi Bo maybe

Homework for 18 May,Monay

Here is teh homework for the day.Benedict is getting noscoped in counter strike global offensive so i took his place to noscope you guyz.

-maths Activity 1 thingamagik
-maths Activity 2 thinge

Here,finish and then go noscope will find your snipers and pistols and your knife under your toilet bowl after you finish your homework.those are automatic weapons to noscope real people.Please use them wisely and KILL BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Hairy Dibo Eggs and Benedict that i think is done with My Little Pony

you know what,forget the names.Just guess who.(Hint:we are noscoping right now)

Friday, 15 May 2015

Homework 15 May

Hello guys this is the homework for today. At request, I will not put "hurdur chek preevus day wurk".
I will now put all the work. Seriously? Can't check homework? Even if you go previous day work and it says check previous day work at least you can have fun with an Inception style thingamajig searching post after post after post. Counter Strike is important but not that important that you can't check. Never mind a friend asked I'm still doing it. Yeesh.

-Maths Mission Possible thing.
-Math Alternative Assessment review.
-Math assignment 9.1.

Anything else?

-Guess who

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Homework 14 May

Hello homework here.

-Math assignment 9.1.
-Other work from previous days.

Hope this is short.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Homework 13 May

Hello. Uh. Homework. Gotta run out of gags for the homework posts after half a year right? (No 9gag pun intended)

-Lol just look at yesterday's homework and use Ms Loh's taught methods to solve the Diagnostic test or whatever.

Thanks Kevin for the extra post. Really appreciate. These posts are getting shorter. I'm getting no ideas anymore for these posts. Making shortest post ever soon.

-Zi Bo

Lol just kidding.


PS: Zi Bo is great.

Math Lesson & others

Hello sires,
I have taken over the class blog! Nah, I'm just joking.

Ms Loh reminded me to tell you all to go to the LO2 for Math lesson tomorrow in case you forget.

*Also, please bring CL file. (I am not taking over Shao Cong's job)

Yours truly,
Math Rep

Maths Homework

Please refer to details in the Maths Blog.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Homework 12 May

Hello there everyone.

-Yesterday's work
-English slides if you didn't finish yesterday also present slides tomorrow

Anything else?


Monday, 11 May 2015

Homework 11 May

Hello everyone this is the homework for today.

-Math assignment 8.2
-Math diagnostic test
-Self directed learning

That's all m8s.

-Two guys

Maths Homework

Please refer to details in the Maths Blog.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Class EXCO: Fill up your birthdates

Please fill this up by Monday 2359.


Justin Ng

**For those that forgot their $$ for the class photo or were absent, kindly pass it to me on Monday or whenever you are back in school.

Homework for Friday 8 May

Hey there kids!Its Barney!If you want a present from my good friend Dibo you have to noscope everyone!

-no homework so happy noscoping
-there is the previous day homework


Sorry for the caps but i really need you guyz to see tha and beware of BARNEY!

-Hairy Dibo Eggs and Benedict who hates floorball now.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Class EXCO: Class Decoration 2.0


Here is the link to the google slides we presented on today.


Please post in the comments if you can't make it on any of the days.

Justin Ng

Homework for Thursday 7 May(today)

Hi guyz,here is the homework for the day.

-maths the basic geometry worksheet
-maths the inequality worksheet
-maths the basic geometry assignment
-maths unit 8 linear inequalities the question at page 5
-english the one about facebook the bottom few questions for those who have not done so.

thats all the homework for the day doods.(Its all maths!!!And one engish)And thanks Benedict for letting me post the homework.As usual,f the is anymore homework,please post them in the comments below.Justin did not send me the class decorations so too bad for him,he post it himself.

happy noscoping(from you know who) imma snipe a lot of people!

-Hairy Dibo Eggs and whatshisname[dash/eggs(we are brothers!)/trixie/.....some more?]

i used a lot of brackets.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Homework 6 May

Hello there fellow clan members. Here is the mission objectives of today's match against FaZe.

-8.1 math quickscoping assingment

That's all. Happy sniping mates.

Quickscoper and trickshotter

Friday, 1 May 2015

Class EXCO: Purchase of class photographs

Here are the pictures for the class photograph.

Please go through them and see which one you would like to purchase.
Please then fill up the order form below seriously as we would need to collect the right amount of cash and the write amount of orders.

**When there is money involved, please don't make a joke out of it and put in funny things.
I need you guys to be serious.

Click on this link: CLICK HERE

Ng Wen Bin, Justin

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

No homework 29 April

Homework is my middle name.

Besides that there is no homework and I am just posting this to tell you I won't post until exams are over and there is homework. All the best to everyone reading this.

-The man behind the mask/Trixie/Dash/Eggs/IT DOSEN'T MATTER NOW LEL


as you doods know that it is exam,i will not say much.I just want to say good luck guyz for your exams.Someone told me before "you must study hard."Just give it your all and it will be over within a flash.
Once again,good luck to all for your remaining 3 exams.

-Hairy Dibo Eggs

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Common Test

Guys, as you guys know that common test is coming up. I know many of you guys have not even really started proper revision. However, please start revising or at least flip through the questions we practiced before so that you have a good gauge of your ability. Study hard, lets succeed as a class.

Don't work too late as your will not have enough sleep and your brain won't function the next day.
Studying is important, health is too.

A qoute from:"Do you want to know a secret way to get your parents to stop nagging, grounding and advising you throughout the year? Just do well in your exams. Good luck."

All the best for your common test.
[I need to go study liao]

Ng Wen Bin, Justin
S1-01 Chairperson

Homework 28 April

Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie.

-Well I don't think that there is any work today. But THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE COMMANDS YOU TO LIKE ME!

Just revise your work and prepare for the common test. All the best everypony(except Alex because he hates ponies), do your best and do well for the tests.

-Trixie/Eggs/Dash/Benedict/Zi Bo/Detective Inspector Me/Benedict Dash/ Hairy Eggs

Too many names.

Monday, 27 April 2015


pls wear  s and w tommorow or detective inspector me will come after you trixie too

Homework 27 April

I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE and I will be posting the homework for today.

-Math revision papers that you can do not compulsory I think.
-Chinese for those who have not done so.

If you do not acknowledge my greatness and power, I will cast my most powerful spell on you!

-Trixie the great and powerful

omg she hax our post
-eggs and dash

Friday, 24 April 2015

Homework 24 April

Hello m8s. This are the MLG tasks for the weekend.

-Science MLG worksheet
-Chinese FaZe email writing

Well that's all m8s. Happy noscoping.

Those two guys whatever Dash Eggs

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ponyville Library 23 April

Oh you again. Well you borrowed basically all the homework we had. What's that? You want to borrow more? Well TOO BAD. Oh. No no no. I don't want a blast of your magic. Sure sure here take everything and go!

-Chinese comprehension AVAILABLE
-Science worksheet from the previous day STILL AVAILABLE
-EVERYTHING ELSE IS LOANED why would anyone want to do homework?

Take it! Don't blast me with magic or anything!

Volunteer librarian-Ms Cheerilee

Managers Eggs and Dash

Maths: Preparation & Reminder


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22 April, Ponyville Library, Homework section

Hello there everypony! Welcome to the homework section of Ponyville Library! Here you will find homework that you can use to work to your heart's content! Sadly, a bunch of bookworms borrowed all the work we have here. *ahem* Or should I say ONE particular pony. (It's our good old Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle). Well that means the school kids won't have much work to do so I guess they can rejoice. The teachers are never happy when that happens. Well here's the loan list.

-That chinese comprehension AVAILABLE
-Science revision worksheet for common test AVAILABLE
-Sciene revision worksheet for Elements Compounds and Mixtures with Acids and Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table AVAILABLE (The "Elements" in this worksheet aren't about the Elements of Harmony. Last time somepony got mistaken and things turned out rather, ugly.)
-Elements of Harmony LOANED BY: Twilight Sparkle
-Science stuff LOANED BY: Twilght Sparkle

Well that's all bud'. Shouldn't show you the rest of the list 'cause it's all just Twilight Sparkle's loaned books. So pick what you want. Just go take a look at them worksheets and see what you want. Well, good day to you!

-Miss Cheerilee, volunteer librarian in the Ponyville library.

Library run by,

Dash Dash and Hairy Eggs

22 April - Erased Message on the board

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Homework 21 April

Hello there fine sirs. This is the homework for today.

-English comprehension

Nothing else fellow sirs. That is all for the homework.

Yours sincerely,
A sir

Also those two guys Hairy Dash and Eggs Benedict.

Monday, 20 April 2015

xxx_homeworkstuffs_xXx 42 20 April

Hello there m8s here is today homework there is so many I counted 1 or 2 (lost count at 42). I was on the way home when a surprise hacker 420 noscoped me by headshot through walls so I had to go fill up my MRT card with 69.42 dollars.
-The English situational writing where the planes fly into the bird engine.
-The really thick stack of math worksheet revision
-The math 2042 common test to do but I don't think it's compulsory ask Captain Kevin.
-Basically any math worksheet you find in your file cause might as well do them right?

Be sure to have a healthy sanicbreakfast/scrublunch/weedinner of mountain dew and dorito(cheese flavour) so you can be healthy for the upcoming common tests.

Stay MLG

Inspector Hairy Eggs Me also Dash whatever his name was.

PS:My eyes got rekt by the new blog background.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Blog Colour Changes

Alright Guys,

Is that a better colour to look at?
Let me and the class know in the comment section below.....

Justin Ng

Friday, 17 April 2015

Here is the homework for Friday,17 April

-finish your Chinese email writing in 15 minutes.
-english test paper 17 to 20
-maths secondary 1 revision ratio,rate and speed
-maths primes,HCF and LCM
-maths algebra formulae
-maths linear equations and formula
-maths linear equations solving word problems in the algebraic way

anymore homework post in the comments below.Thanks for reading

Hairy Eggs and Rainbow Dash signing off

gotta go fast but dun rush your homework(same as normal)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Javelin Heats

Herro M8's as requested by Zi Bo here are the details for  Javelin

Javelin Heats

Anyone knows what time the javelin heats start tomorrow?Can you post it in the comments?

Javelin Heats

Anyone knows what time the javelin heats start tomorrow?Can you post it in the comments?

Homework 15 April

Herro this homework today xd.

-English comprehension finish for those who have not done so.
-Math equation ws
-Math dat rly thick lump of worksheets due next week.

Meh counter strike plox.

2 awesome guys.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

No English Tommorow

There is no English period tomorrow. The english period will be replaced by math

Therefore on Thursday, there will be double English period means more time for more Kahoots!!!!(Probably not):'( .

Oh yah also try solving this quetion posted by Ms Loh. Apparently you have to do it within 2 sec( OH NOOOOO!!!!! )

Here is the Quarshun

3y= 7x

what is x/y?


Herro homework

Herro here is homework.

-Wot is there anything. Like finish up previous days homework.
-Uh should have math right.

Ye is all.

Ye olde Dash and eggs?

Dat's all folks.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Class EXCO By-Election or continuity of Government

Please check your emails for a poll which i sent out. Results will be anonymous and your vote is secret. All of you guys please go and fill it in. Sign the petition too. Please use proper english language and the usual Ms Tay rules for the cyberworld. (Whatever they are)

Please choose wisely and properly and also please be honest in your vote.

Don't disclose or discuss your votes with your friends.

This is important and it is for your immediate perusal.

I can't vote cause i started the poll.

**IMPORTANT Ms Tay and Mr Teng has edit rights to the responses

There would be a short presentation on Wednesday during CCE period by me and someone else who i will choose (hopefully Ms Tay and Mr Teng allow) on this matter (results of poll and speeches by the elected people) as well as the handing over of duties.

Justin Ng
No Rank

Petition for new class EXCO

I think some of you already know about the petition for the new class EXCO and have already signed on the paper.If you want to elect a new class EXCO(new chairperson,new vice chair,new secretary and new treasurer,though they can still be the same),please approach Alex first thing in the morning tomorrow to sign on the petition saying that you approve.If you really want to change a class EXCO,you have to sign and elect fast as the vice chair said that this friday,the EXCO will be official and i think it is permanent for the rest of the year.I think this matter will be discussed this with Miss Tay though(everyone who signs is in),so i really hope she sees this post or someone(not me) have to tell her about this tomorrow.

For the people that are not aware of this case.

This is a very serious case and it involves the whole class and teachers too.

If anyone has anything important to say,please put it in the comments.

Majority wins and so if there are more people that want to change the class EXCO than the number of people that do not want to change the EXCO,I think it will still change it provided with Miss Tay's approval and permission.

Here is the homework for the day.

-The english comprehension for those who have not done so
-maths 7.1 and 7.2(7.2 use pencil)

if there is anymore homework,post it in the comments

Hairy Eggs and Rainbow Dash signing of.
We both are awesome.

gotta go fast but dun rush your homework.

I forgot to collect the science worksheet.:p please bring them tomorrow.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Homework for today

-Chinese newspaper worksheet
-Greed for those who have not done so
-maths the A3 paper questions(A1 to D4) for those who have not done so
-English comprehension text and questions
-science worksheet
-finish your ADMT if you have not done so
-IH performance task due today at 2359 i think
-find out the answers for the questions that you asked in science

i think that is about it.Rainbow Dash contributed most of it though.

Hairy Eggs and Rainbow Dash signing of(both of us are awesome)

Gotta go fast but then again,dun rush your homework.

have an enjoyable weekend!

Homework 10 April

Hello everyone here is the homework.

-Chinese newspaper worksheet
-Math huge piece of paper
-English Greed worksheet

That's all hopefully. If there's anymore homework tell me in the comments below. Thanks!

Rainbow Dash signing off.

Also Detective Inspector Me (still really awesome).

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Homework 9 April

Hello everyone here is today's homework.

-Chinese workbook
-English greed ws
-Any math stuff?

If there's anything else just leave them in the comments. Thanks.

Rainbow Dash signing off.

Detective Inspector Me for trolling purposes only. (But he's still awesome.)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Here teh homewok for teh dey m80s

-read teh maths papers that miss loh gave.
-teh english greed worksheet
-revise chinese spelling

anymore homework post in teh comments

Hairy Eggs and Rainbow Dash out

Gotta go fast but dun rush yr homework

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

People who have to hand in their ENGLISH FILES

Ming En
Dylan Lim ( we gave him back his file to refile more worksheets)

Teh track and field heats

Here teh homewok

english teh reflection quation.

watch edmodo video

maths algebra factorisation paper.

thats all m8s

Detective Inspector Eggs and Rainbow Dash(not really here)

gotta go fast

2015 International Friendship Week@SST

In case some people never check from the students blog...

Dear SST students,

On Friday, 10th April, Singapore will be commemorating International Friendship Day.  As an academic institution, SST has embarked on a week-long activities focusing on awareness, reflection and sharing.  Below is a list of activities, organized by NE Committee.  Do join us at Google+ Communities link.

Class NE Representatives, you are strongly encouraged to upload these information to your class blog.

1.  Monday, 6th April
-  All of you have received a complimentary copy from The Straits Times.  Do spend time reading, especially articles on International Friendship Day.

2.  Tuesday, 7th April till Friday, 10th April
- Static Display with related resources on International Friendship Day are available in InfoHub.  All are welcome to view the exhibits.

3.  Tuesday, 7th April & Wednesday, 8th April
-  Games Booth will be set up and managed by our NE Representatives & International students.  It will be during recess time.  Do come over and have fun completing puzzles.  Small tokens are given to winners of the competitions.

4.  Tuesday, 7th April & Wednesday, 8th April
-  Do come over to our Photo Booth corner during recess time.  Have fun &  snap photos with the self-made props done by our NE Representatives & International students.
- Once you took a photo, upload to Google+ through this link .  Pen down your thoughts: #IFD is __________________.

5.  Thursday, 9th April
-  Our canteen stall owners also joined us in the celebration.  There will be mini bazaar of International Food, prepared by our canteen vendors at a reasonable price.  Do enjoy the food!
-  Have a look at the promo poster.

6.  Friday, 10th April
- Morning Assembly : S405 would be sharing on International Friendship for their presentation in 'Our World Our Views'.
- Assembly@MPH :  All are welcome to join us for exciting programme which include our very own SST play & international costume parade.

Thank you.

The National Education Committee
Mr Alvin Tan, Ms Huang-Pearl, Ms Wong Ho Yan & Mdm Azizah

Monday, 6 April 2015

Newspapers on 6APR2015

Hai guys,

The newspapers are on the benches beside the teacher's table (behind min shen) for you to take. If you dont have a copy, then please proceed to the general office to get yourself one. I may have missed out 1 or 2. Only take from the general office when there are no more in class as other classes may still havent collected them.

Still your current chairperson
Justin Ng:D

ADMT Sketchbook

People who need to hand up their sketchbook:

Dylan Tan
Dylan Lim
Shao Cong
Choon Wee
Ming En
Min Shen
Kar Kit

Homework 6th April

Here's teh homework for teh day,m8s.

Maths 4.7 and teh CCE worksheet tat some people never do.

if teh is more,please post in teh comments.

Detective Inspector me going off.
gotta go fast!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Homework 2 April

Hey guys sorry I'm late but it's the day before the start of weekend break so yeah.

-Math MangaHigh quiz(es)
-Finish remaining 11 questions in math notes
-Chinese worksheet

Basically that's it. Also everyone download Counter Strike 1.6 or buy Counter Strike:Global Offensive. I want to play Counter Strike with someone heheh. Not forcing but anyone?

Yours sincerely,
Benedict Nai

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Track and field

Homework April 1

Hello there this is today's homework.

-Chinese compo by tomorrow.
-History project.
-Chinese project.
-English homework.
-Watch math videos and stuff.
-Science HW (the one with the big fat "homework smack in front of it").
-Science graph.

Uh ye. That's all. As usual, any more work post in comments. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Benedict Nai

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hello there once again everyone and since I have been trying to enforce the fact that you need to record your own homework and not depend on me. To see proof, look at the text in blue next to this post. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Benedict Nai

No one understands Counter Strike... I am the only one in class, for now.

Homework 31 March

Hello there guys and sorry for late homework I had floorball and could not post before that as I had group work.

-Chinese compo due on Thursday.
-Min Shen told me there is math Manga High homework but I am not sure please let me know.
-English? I am not sure.
-Sign ADMT forms things.

NOW DON'T BLAME ME if you didn't do your work and you get rekt by teacher and what not. If you do, don't blame me. I make mistakes I can't remember every single piece of homework we have and every single day. Don't always think I can post the work early. Also you too have to take down the work. This is just for backup and other things. Please please please everypony don't be offended in any way by this and don't take it to heart. Thanks a lot for understanding. If you do.

Yours sincerely,
Benedict Nai