Thursday, 29 January 2015

Monday, 26 January 2015

Class decoration

Please check your email for the form to complete and please ignore the first one sent and instead do the latest one.

Email me for enquires
Your Chairperson

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Please bring your black files and give it to me in the morning tomorrow.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

[14 January] Homework

- Complete "Matilda" handout
- Classes and Properties of Materials, Worksheet 1
- Classes and Properties of Materials, Activities
- Reading Programme (Cyclops and The Circuit)
- Primes, HCF and LCM worksheet
- Factors and Multiples worksheet

hodor out

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Hey does anyone know what to do for the History homework? I know it is a William Farquhar and Stamford Raffles thing but what point of the thing do we do up to?
does anyone has any ideas about the science bloom thing.if no one has or does not share by tommorrow,i will do my idea

Monday, 12 January 2015

CCA Tryouts

Hi.Does anyone know when the robotics and badminton tryout is?

Homework and reminders for 12 Jan

1. Complete the 1st langlit question.
2. Complete S&W project
3. Complete IH project.
4. Do the maths worksheet.
5. Read books.
6. Remember to go for CCA tryouts this week or next week.
7. Practice the school song.
8. Download the form about the assessments for this year.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Today's Homework and Reminders 8 Jan

  1.  Download "Sketchup Make" on your LD and watch tutorial on how to use it.
  2. Bookmark the Maths Blog
  3. Comment on the introduction on the Math Blog (found in the Home section)
  4. Flip through the Math textbook and write the things you know or do not know in the Math Blog (found in Homework Submission)
  5. Buy and finish reading "Animal Farm"
  6. Register an account on Edmodo as a student
  7. Register an account on Piktochart as a student
  8. Register an account on Blendspace as a student 
  9. Complete the mnemonic worksheet from LangLit class
  10. Complete "The True Me" poem on Piktochart and post on the LangLit blog

  • Have an A4 size exercise book for LangLit
  • Once you see the invitation for the LangLit blog please accept it
  • Check out Grapher (use the spotlight search)
  • Poetry Diagnostic Test on Friday
  • Grammar Diagnostic Test on 14 Jan 2-3pm @ Auditorium
  • Remedial is on every even Wednesday 2-3.30pm @ S1-01 or Tutorial Room 4
  • Get a skinny black A4 file for IH
  • Get a brown A5 notebook for IH

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Things to bring for tomorrow:

Here are some things you need to remember to bring for tomorrow:

ADMT - Sketchbook, LD
English - English File, LD
Mother Tongue - Check subject blog, otherwise, it should be just LD.

Other things:
- Homework notebook (to be placed at the top right hand corner)
- Progress Report Book for those who did not bring previously
- Any other forms you have not handed up as yet

About Myself

Hi, my name is Yeo Ming En. You can call me Ming En. I love dog a lot but I don't have one since my sister is very afraid of it. During the holidays, I went to a barber shop in Malaysia and saw a very cute dog. I was fighting with my cousin to take a picture of it and unfortunately we fight too fiercely and dog went back to its owner so no photo was taken.

About Myself

Hi, I am Amanda Han Xin Hui. Call me Amanda. My nickname is Salamandar (My Primary school friends used to call me this because it sounds similar but, its even longer than my name so don't bother unless you really just want to waste a bit of breath) I like to play badminton and I also read occasionally. Unfortunately, I didn't go overseas during the holidays and most of the time, I just stayed at home. It was boring at times but I got myself occupied by reading some library books and watching videos on my favourite anime series. I also got occasionally called out by my friends to go out. The most recent one was a Christmas Party at my friend's aunt's condo. We swam in the pool and played lots of different games in the function room. I had a lot of fun, I guess that all the outings had made my holiday a more interesting one.

About myself

     Hi, everyone of class S1-01! My name is Kevin Fernandez. Here's something you might find weird about me: I read the street directory and the MRT/LRT map. 
  During the 2014 Dec hols, I went to 2 countries in Europe. You can guess what they are. I also found out that their keyboard (QWERTZ) is different than ours (QWERTY). Strange language there is! Do you know how to pronounce this letter, ß? It's NOT a letter B!! 
  Anyways enough talk.Bye for now and have a great time in S1-01 :)

About Myself

Hi everybody! I'm Dylan. No, not the one that keeps saying hodor, the other one, Dylan Lim. You can call me sotong as I am very blur and unobservant. I love spending my free time playing League of Legends and games on my PS4 . Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

About myself

I am jerremy and you can call me jerremy. I like to cycle.Basketball is one of the sports I like.I am friendly.

About Myself

Hi everybody, my name is Yun Kar Kit but you can just call me Kar Kit since most of my primary school friends address me in that way. I enjoy gaming and building gundam models. I started building models when my cousin introduced me to them when i was only primary one. I have built quite a number of them already. It is really fun to build these models but it is quite tough to do so.
During the holidays, I visited Japan with my family. We went to many different cities like Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Shirakawa and Takayama. I enjoyed myself most at Shirakawa as it was snowing there. It was more like a village than a city, and the snow was around 30-40cm thick when we left.
Thanks everyone for reading my post.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

About Myself

Hi,I am Khor Hsien Kit.You can call me Hsien Kit.I like playing computer games like other boys and also read books during my spare time when I feel tired and feel like taking a break.I play League of Legends so it would be great if you guys would like to join as well.I am looking forward to a fun,educational and exciting year ahead with you guys.

About myself

  Hi S1-01! My name is Grace Cahyadi and you can call me Grace.
  I really love to read in my spare time. My favourite book/series usually changes but currently they are The Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowling and The Dragon Whisperer by Lucinda Hare.
  I also love playing sports. Some of the games I love are Tchoukball, which was my CCA, and Captain's Ball!My favourite colour sometimes changes but currently it's red. My favourite music also changes and currently it's Blank Space by Taylor Swift.
  I look forward to getting to know all of you and bonding together as a class. I hope we all have fun this year!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

About Myself

Hello S1-01. My name is Amadea Supriyadi. Just call me Amadea or Amy for short.
I really enjoy reading. I can't say I have a favourite book because I love many different books. The Mortal Instruments series, The Infernal Devices trilogy and the Percy Jackson series are some of my favourites.
I also enjoy dancing, more specifically:jazz and ballet. I've been dancing for about 4 years in jazz now. I started taking ballet lessons last year to improve on my jazz techniques.
My favourite k-pop band is EXO and my favourite artist is Taylor Swift. I listen to their music a lot.
About my family:
I have an older brother who has just recently graduated from SST. To celebrate both of our graduations, my family went on vacation to America. It was quite cold there and we even encountered snow! We had a lot of fun playing and meeting some of our friends. It was the best holiday I've had.

About Myself

Hi, my name is Rishita Subnavis. You can call me Rishita. I would say I am quite friendly and I would definitely like to make new friends here. I enjoy playing sports, some of my friends say i am quite sporty as well. During the holidays, I visited Kuala Lumpur, also visiting Genting at the same time. It was about 15 degrees there and it was really cold for me. I just do not like the cold. Anyway, I am looking forward to knowing you guys better and hopefully have loads of fun! :)

About myself

About myself

Hi, my name is Benedict Nai. You can call me Benedict or Ben which is what my friends call me.
  I enjoy cycling, playing video games and reading books. I like reading books like Harry Potter as I find them enjoyable since they are filled with humour and adventure.
  During the December holidays, I went to Hong Kong. I went sightseeing and saw many interesting things, there was even a mini great wall! I tried lots of interesting and tasty food like dim sum and the famous Hong Kong french toast. I had an exciting and enjoyable time in Hong Kong. 
  I hope to learn more about my classmates and look forward to working with them in future.

About myself

Hi, my name is Celine Chow. A nickname a friend calls me is purple girl. The reason is, my school bag was purple, my pencil case was purple, so was my iPhone, sling bag, etc. It is my favourite colour! I have been to Thailand during the holidays. It was a great vacation and was really fun.

About me: Malcolm Tan Qi En

          Yes, that is right. The title of this blog just happens to be my full name! However, I would like to be addressed as just Malcolm. My favourite pastimes are playing badminton, swimming and playing with LEGO. I have a friendly and outgoing personality.
          In the holidays I visited two countries. Penang and Thailand. By the way, Penang is part of Malaysia in case you didn't know. In Penang, I visited my grandparents. In Thailand, I went to an elephant and crocodile zoo. We also went go-karting. Overall, I had an enjoyable time in the hols.
          I look forward to working with you guys!

About Myself

Greetings everyone.My name is Tan Zi Bo but you can address me as Zi Bo.I like playing soccer like most boys and is also love reading story books like Skuldduery Pleasant.Let us get straight to the parents brought me and my brother to Universal Studios Singapore(USS).My favourite part of that day was when my family and I took the roller coaster ride in the mummies revenge.During the ride,my brother,who likes to pick on me,was screaming like a little baby girl where as  was not.I wished i had my camera with me back then,but bags were not allowed inside and my pockets were especially small.*sigh*

Thank you for reading my post and i hope that I can get along well with each and everyone of you.

About myself

Hi, my name is Hannah Kho. I come from the Philippines and have two siblings. Over the holidays we went to Hong Kong and here is a photo my mother took of us in Disneyland. It was so cold there that my lips cracked. I like reading story books and comics, as well as watching movies. My extended family is in the Philippines as my mother came here for her work, and brought us here by enrolling me into Saint Joseph's Institution International. (Next to Saint Joseph's Institution, the secondary school for boys.)

About myself

My name is Justin Ng. You can all call me beaver. Named after the popular singer as well as because my teeth looks like those of a beaver... I am previously from Radin Mas Primary School. I like science and hope to get to know you all... I went to Thailand for a few days during the school holiday with my family.

Friday, 2 January 2015

About myself

My name is Liya. Call me... Liya, or maybe something else.

I love cats, a little bit of gaming, and Visual Arts.

There's this one cat, which our family named
 Spice. He would occasionally visit my house, usually to eat and sleep.

I applied for
SOTA this year, though I only passed the first round of the DSA. 
I love hands-on projects and experiments, as we get to do everything ourselves.

This is me goofing off on the iMac

Hope you have learnt a little bit more about me!


About Myself

Hi I am Vikhe Aryan Pramod. You can call me Aryan.

I enjoy playing golf. I usually go to Malaysia every Saturday/Sunday to play. I also Know how to solve the 3 by 3 and 5 by 5 rubiks cube.

During the holidays I went to India for both my vacation where I took a tour of the southern part of India and I also visited my grandparents in the northern part of India.

During the flight back, it was the first time my eardrums experienced so much pain that they were swollen to such a point that I was almost deaf. However, I feel better now.

Today's Homework

Reminders and Homework for 2 January 2015.

1. Download and complete the reflection forms.
2. Sign consent form.
3. Buy your house(S&W) T-shirt from the uniform shop.
4. Pack your bags for camp.
5. Post a blog about yourself on the S1-01 Class blog.

About myself

Hi guys, i'm Marcus Tan, nickname: Zolres. You know, people call me Sabre-toothed tiger, for a specific reason. I can be very frightening sometime if you anger me but no worries, I did not explode once in my life.

I do play games, like everyone does. I remember the first NDS game I've played in 2007 - Pokémon Seems legit.

Btw, sorry, due to copyright & privacy issues, I will not post any photos of me.

Hope to interact with you guys more next time!

hodoring about

About Myself

Hello, my name is Sim Choon Wee, and I like reading, and my favourite book series of all time is The Power Of Five(seriously, you should try reading it!). I also play the guitar. During the December holidays I went to Taiwan with my family, and this is a picture of one of the many  landscapes I saw there.....
I hope to make friends with all of you this year!

about myself

Hello,my name is alexander but you can call me Alex i live an ordinary life like normal people.I can play the piano and have a pet dog.i have an older brother who is currently 24 and an older sister that will be going to her new polytechnic this year

About myself

Hello everyone, my name is Yu Min Shen and I like to play floor ball. During this holiday I have been on vacation in Phuket, Thailand. One interesting thing that I found and would like to share with you is thee crab that I found on the beach of our resort. The picture of it is below:

S101 Class Expectations

Dear students,

The presentation on class expectations can be found here.

We look forward to a year ahead full of learning and sharing with each other!

Ms Tay and Mr Teng

S101 Term 1 Class Timetable