Wednesday, 7 January 2015

About Myself

Hi, I am Amanda Han Xin Hui. Call me Amanda. My nickname is Salamandar (My Primary school friends used to call me this because it sounds similar but, its even longer than my name so don't bother unless you really just want to waste a bit of breath) I like to play badminton and I also read occasionally. Unfortunately, I didn't go overseas during the holidays and most of the time, I just stayed at home. It was boring at times but I got myself occupied by reading some library books and watching videos on my favourite anime series. I also got occasionally called out by my friends to go out. The most recent one was a Christmas Party at my friend's aunt's condo. We swam in the pool and played lots of different games in the function room. I had a lot of fun, I guess that all the outings had made my holiday a more interesting one.

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