Saturday, 3 January 2015

About Myself

Hello S1-01. My name is Amadea Supriyadi. Just call me Amadea or Amy for short.
I really enjoy reading. I can't say I have a favourite book because I love many different books. The Mortal Instruments series, The Infernal Devices trilogy and the Percy Jackson series are some of my favourites.
I also enjoy dancing, more specifically:jazz and ballet. I've been dancing for about 4 years in jazz now. I started taking ballet lessons last year to improve on my jazz techniques.
My favourite k-pop band is EXO and my favourite artist is Taylor Swift. I listen to their music a lot.
About my family:
I have an older brother who has just recently graduated from SST. To celebrate both of our graduations, my family went on vacation to America. It was quite cold there and we even encountered snow! We had a lot of fun playing and meeting some of our friends. It was the best holiday I've had.

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