Thursday, 8 January 2015

Today's Homework and Reminders 8 Jan

  1.  Download "Sketchup Make" on your LD and watch tutorial on how to use it.
  2. Bookmark the Maths Blog
  3. Comment on the introduction on the Math Blog (found in the Home section)
  4. Flip through the Math textbook and write the things you know or do not know in the Math Blog (found in Homework Submission)
  5. Buy and finish reading "Animal Farm"
  6. Register an account on Edmodo as a student
  7. Register an account on Piktochart as a student
  8. Register an account on Blendspace as a student 
  9. Complete the mnemonic worksheet from LangLit class
  10. Complete "The True Me" poem on Piktochart and post on the LangLit blog

  • Have an A4 size exercise book for LangLit
  • Once you see the invitation for the LangLit blog please accept it
  • Check out Grapher (use the spotlight search)
  • Poetry Diagnostic Test on Friday
  • Grammar Diagnostic Test on 14 Jan 2-3pm @ Auditorium
  • Remedial is on every even Wednesday 2-3.30pm @ S1-01 or Tutorial Room 4
  • Get a skinny black A4 file for IH
  • Get a brown A5 notebook for IH


  1. I made the piktochart but i don't know how to post

  2. Does anyone know what to do for chinese?