Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Blog Colour Issues.....

Hai guys,

             I was wondering if we could change the colour of our Class Blog's background, to maybe let's say, a more relaxing colour? It kind of hurts your eyes looking at Red for too long I feel, then it isn't too good for the eyes considering we are staring at the blog for a long time. I know this post is kind of random and maybe the problem I brought up is just me, but I just wanted to throw that point out there and see what everyone thinks. I personally don't really like the colour for the eyes.


Yours sincerely,

                           Choon Wee (Bawb) :D

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Here is spelling list for chinese

熟悉         shú xī

竟然          jìng rán 

亲切          qīn qiè 

介绍           jiè shào 

红润           hóng rùn

青春痘        qīng chūn dòu

别扭            biè niǔ

哄堂大笑     hōng táng dà xià xiao

拘束           jū shù
嚷       rǎng
 沉默          chēn mò

寄托           jì tuō,

愿望           yuànwàng 

会心           huì xīn  

善解人意    shàn jiě rén yì

启动           qǐ dòng

挣脱           zhèng tuo

Monday, 2 February 2015

ADMT project

ADMT group leaders are to share the ADMT slides emailed to you with their group members and Mrs Ong. The slides have to be completed by latest next week