Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Random post not related to ADMT days you can stay behind to do work dates and timings

This post is for ponies only. Offenders caught must watch the worst episodes of MLP. (I hoped you noticed that it was a joke. Some people get really...serious.)

Anyways then here is ADMT dates and timings.

24 March--3pm to 4.30pm (Tuesday)
26 March--2pm to 4.30pm (Thursday)
27 March--1.15pm to 4.30 pm (Friday)
30 March--2.15 to 4.30 (Monday)
31 March--3pm to 4.30 pm (Tuesday)
April fools' day--2pm to 4.30 pm (Wednesday)
2 April--2pm to 4.30pm (Thursday)

Hehehehehehehheheheehehehheheheehhehehehehhheehehehehehehehehehh. Ok just choose a date with your group (heh, date with your group) and just remember to go on the day itself. That's all!

Yours sincerely,
Benedict Nai