Monday, 13 April 2015

Class EXCO By-Election or continuity of Government

Please check your emails for a poll which i sent out. Results will be anonymous and your vote is secret. All of you guys please go and fill it in. Sign the petition too. Please use proper english language and the usual Ms Tay rules for the cyberworld. (Whatever they are)

Please choose wisely and properly and also please be honest in your vote.

Don't disclose or discuss your votes with your friends.

This is important and it is for your immediate perusal.

I can't vote cause i started the poll.

**IMPORTANT Ms Tay and Mr Teng has edit rights to the responses

There would be a short presentation on Wednesday during CCE period by me and someone else who i will choose (hopefully Ms Tay and Mr Teng allow) on this matter (results of poll and speeches by the elected people) as well as the handing over of duties.

Justin Ng
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  1. Wat. Government? I don't think we are the Government in any way.