Monday, 13 April 2015

Petition for new class EXCO

I think some of you already know about the petition for the new class EXCO and have already signed on the paper.If you want to elect a new class EXCO(new chairperson,new vice chair,new secretary and new treasurer,though they can still be the same),please approach Alex first thing in the morning tomorrow to sign on the petition saying that you approve.If you really want to change a class EXCO,you have to sign and elect fast as the vice chair said that this friday,the EXCO will be official and i think it is permanent for the rest of the year.I think this matter will be discussed this with Miss Tay though(everyone who signs is in),so i really hope she sees this post or someone(not me) have to tell her about this tomorrow.

For the people that are not aware of this case.

This is a very serious case and it involves the whole class and teachers too.

If anyone has anything important to say,please put it in the comments.

Majority wins and so if there are more people that want to change the class EXCO than the number of people that do not want to change the EXCO,I think it will still change it provided with Miss Tay's approval and permission.

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