Friday, 15 May 2015

Homework 15 May

Hello guys this is the homework for today. At request, I will not put "hurdur chek preevus day wurk".
I will now put all the work. Seriously? Can't check homework? Even if you go previous day work and it says check previous day work at least you can have fun with an Inception style thingamajig searching post after post after post. Counter Strike is important but not that important that you can't check. Never mind a friend asked I'm still doing it. Yeesh.

-Maths Mission Possible thing.
-Math Alternative Assessment review.
-Math assignment 9.1.

Anything else?

-Guess who


  1. I cant believe someone asked that thats so lazy I cant even imagine.

  2. Ya.That is just sooo lazy of them to ask but i think that Tjin Yao ask that cuz only he will ask such a question.I tot the alternative assesment is the reflection that is due today.