Tuesday, 30 June 2015

ADMT stuff

Here are the ADMT pens you can get. Also the homework is here.

Homework 30 June

Here is the homework. Might update later.

-Chinese compre if it is not done.
-Read Geog Chapter 1.
-Learning Package pg 8-10.
-Math assignment 9.2

Here's some random stuff you won't care about

-Open Stattrak Dragon Lore from Falchion Case 2.
-Build a PC out of a broken Wii.
-Try to finish the original Tomb Raider without cheats.

-Zinedict of the House of Bo, second heir of the throne of wood

Homework for 30 June

I dun have much time as per normal so here is a fast brief.

-Read Chapter 1 of the geography book
-Do the Geography worksheet page 8-10
-maths graph homework


Monday, 29 June 2015

Homework for 29 June

Hi,i am rushing for time now so i am gonna make this short.

-Maths graph homework
-letters that needed to be signed
-report book


Saturday, 13 June 2015

June Holidays Homework and Reminders


Following many questions on whatsapp on homework for the June Holidays, I would like to re-organise the homework as well as to put up some reminders for the class. I am not trying to take over Benedict's or Zi Bo's Job; Just clearing up matters.


  1. Animal Farm Chapter Review (the booklet)
  2. Animal Farm Creative Writing Task (Submit to Edmodo)
  3. Comprehension on Digital Technology*
*IMPORTANT* Visit Edmodo for FULL PASSAGE. Download the PDF File


  1. Chinese 十月 Holiday Funpack
  2. Chinese Alternative Assessment 2 (Individual) *Refer to handout for infomation*
Science: Biology
  1. Sexual Reproduction in Humans Homework Worksheet
Science: Physics
  1. Physics Performance Task
    • Form your groups
    • Complete the work assigned by Mr Teng (refer to Mr Teng or other S1 Science Teachers Email/s)
  1. Mathematics Alternative Assessment 2 (Group Work)
  2. Mission Possible (CLICK HERE)
  3. SDL For Basic Geometry II (CLICK HERE)
Innnovation and Entreprenuership (I&E)
  1. Discuss with your groupmates on the marbles thingy (yes, yes, yes, the one that i rekt)
  2. Bring your materials on the next I&E lesson
Adminsitrative Matters
  1. Class Movie@JCube
    • Refer to your email for details
    • Please respond to the Google Calender Invite [Ask for permission]
    • (YES, NO, MAYBE) [Try not to indicate MAYBE]
    • Please report on time
    • Bring SUFFICIENT cash (EST:$20-25)
    • For queries on class outing or other matters, email me or other Class EXCO Members (see below)

Let me know in the comments below or via email if i missed anything out.

  1. Term 3 S&W lessons would be Netball (I think?)
  2. Bring I&E materials (refer above)
  3. *TBC* Probably change in Timetable for Term 3 (Check SST Student Blog)
  4. Allocate your time wisely for homework and play
  5. Revise hard
  6. Check your emails periodically for updates and surveys by teachers.

Let me know in the comments below or via email if i missed anything out.



Google Drive: CLICK HERE

Google Calender: CLICK HERE

SST Official Website: CLICK HERE

SST Student Blog: CLICK HERE

S1 Google Site: CLICK HERE

S1-01 Chinese Blog: CLICK HERE

S1-01 Mathematics Blog: CLICK HERE


Ace-Learning Portal: CLICK HERE



Ms Debbie Tay, Form Teacher & LangLit :

Mr Teng Juin Yan, Co-Form Teacher & Science: Physics :

Mr Ng Guohui, Science: Chemistry/ Biology :

Mdm Yeo Sok Hui, Chinese :

Ms Loh Kwai Yin, Mathematics :

Ms Adele Low-Lim, S&W, I&E :


For queries on class outing or other matters, email me or other Class EXCO Members:

Ng Wen Bin, Justin
Class Chairperson

Amadea Aubrey Supriyadi
Class Vice-Chairperson

Benedict Nai Rong Hui
Class Secretary

Yun Kar Kit
Class Treasurer

Thats about it

Thank You (for scrolling through),

Ng Wen Bin, Justin