Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Homework for 25 August

hi guyz,posting homework here.Not so late post(finally)heehhhhhheheheheh

-finish science activity sheet
-science worksheet 1 and 2
-english exercises(circle difficult words and phrases and write down the meaning,highlight words or phrases that will support the summary,write the summary of each paragraph)
-english do the compo planning
-math fairfield paper
-geo if you have not done so
-admt ibook cover

anymore homework post in comments as usual
thanks Shao Cong for the wifi

-Zineidct the one who post homework at MRT station


  1. First.Maths AA2 reflection.Dun forget

  2. Very fanny! ya forgot teh S&W homework handball what to do for warmups worksheet.
    Too bad almost nobody would see this late comment... :-(