Friday, 21 August 2015

Homework for the day of the science file(i made that up)

Hi guyz,i purposely(totally) waited until sooooo late then post homework.LATE POST HEHEHEH

-geo file
-geo lesson package?
-geo revision tropical rainforest
-geo revision map reading
-science energy and work activity
-science energy and work worksheet
-math AA2
-english comprehension
-math assignment 12.1 for those who have not done so and 12.2
-I&E notification for those who have not handed up
-math linear inequalities worksheet 1 and 2
-chinese piece of paper that has the meanings behind

anymore homework post in the comments below

its gonna be a busy weekend.Kun Hou,your stuff is under your table........

-Zinedict the one that chiiong science