Thursday, 13 August 2015

ADMT Reminder( In case you are confused like me)

Guys you might have read in Justin's previous post that you have to print the Design Journal in full colour and submit it to Mrs Ong. That is a mistake. Please do NOT print your Design Journal. There is NO need to submit a hardcopy to Mrs Ong. Instead, please save Infographic Design Journal as PDF and submit in Edmodo.  (Edit: Justin just told me that Design Journal refers to Trexi journal with the Trexi sketches.)

-Grace :)


  1. Also do NOT repost exactly what I just posted(especially since you got the information wrong)
    Thanks Sir Justin :D

  2. yes basically yes so my mistake for mistaking that Justin's post had a mistake. Sorry bout that

  3. There is......
    Kind of. Now that Justin told us that by "Design Journal" he meant the Trexi Design Journal not the Infographics Design Journal. I think it's just a matter of vagueness(if there's such a word) and confusion?

  4. What time is infographics due? Sorry about late questions