Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Performance Tasks Datelines: Reminders

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Reminders for this week.

Thursday (2359):

Finalised Preface for IDPT to be completed and sent to Ms Debbie Tay
Remarks: Please email her and tell her your group has completed.

Friday (1400):

ADMT Trexi Individual Task

  1. Trexi Toy (Completed)
  2. Trexi Poster
  3. Design Journal
Trexi Poster: To be uploaded to Edmodo for the entire class to see. (2015 S1-01 ADMT)
Design Journal:  COMPLETED with explanations and in FULL COLOUR. Hand in to Mrs Pennie Ong in hardcopy.

Friday (2359):

ADMT Infographics Poster
  1. Soft Copy of Poster
Upload to Edmodo inside the Submission Folder. (2015 S1-01 ADMT)

Thanks Guys
YAY 3 Posts in one day

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  1. Guys please do NOT print your Design Journal. There is NO need to submit a hardcopy to Mrs Ong. Instead, please save as PDF and submit in Edmodo.