Saturday, 3 October 2015

Reminders for 2015 S1 EOY Exams: Sciences (ALL 3)


Here are some reminders for the Science Paper on Monday, 5 October 2015,

1) The paper starts at 0920hrs
You may choose to come later. However, please arrive at least 10-20 minutes before the paper starts. 10 minutes for the giving out/checking of papers and 10 minutes for you to go toilet, grab your stationery and prepare yourself mentally. The school will be open as per normal at about 6 am.

2) Calculators are allowed for ALL Papers
Please bring along your calculators for ALL Papers. Calculators should have the SST Examination Approved Usage stickers on it. When instructed by the invigilator, place your cover on the floor and flip the calculator over so they can inspect that the calculator is approved. If you don't have a calculator, buy one as none would be provided. Unless you have changed a calculator since you started using it in P5, you MIGHT want to change the battery. Multiple approved calculators are allowed.

3) Geometrical Sets are allowed for ALL Papers
Please bring along your geometrical sets for ALL Papers. Geometrical Sets consist of Set Squares, Protractors, Rulers, Compass. Please be reminded to remove all Mathematical Formulae Instruction Sheets/Pieces of Paper/Any other unauthorised materials. You may want to put them into a Ziplock/Clear Transparent Bag to facilitate checks by invigilators. If you don't have any, please purchase one.

4) Bring a Mechanical Pencil

For Biological Diagrams (Health Science),
draw with a mechanical (sharp pencil) and a ruler if labelling is required. Mechanical Pencils are more accurate than Normal Pencils as they don't need sharpening and won't get blunt. Please also label the diagrams with an underlined title.

For drawings of Ions/Isotopes/Line Graphs/Molecules (Material Science),
use a sharp pencil (sharp pencil). You may also want to use a compass/5-10 cent coin to draw the circles; however, marks will not be deducted for not using an instrument to help you draw but the circle drawn must be enclosed. Please label your graph/diagram with an underlined title.

For drawing of Plane[Moment]/Line Graphs,
use a sharp pencil (sharp pencil) and a ruler if appropriate to draw the diagrams. Please label your diagrams with an underlined title.

Thank You,
Ng Wen Bin, Justin

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